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KenzaPad: The Ultimate Today-To-Do List.

With endless digital task, project, and life management apps, software, and systems, it’s too easy for all of us to lose our connection to the present moment. Meet KenzaPad: the ultimate Today-To-Do tool.

This marvelouslly minimalist, enthusiastically analog accessory is designed to link our best-laid digital plans with the current moment, delivering tech-free productivity and presence - in single-day increments. With its innovative magnetic closure and distinctive card-based system, it provides dead-easy, single-motion access to today’s tasks-at-hand, enabling focused, efficient effort in an smartphone-slim profile. So let’s put down our phones, stow away our tablets, close our laptops and live life today – because today matters.

Press coverage
"[The] story mirrors that of Scott MacMillan, whose pocket-sized leather-bound notepad, KenzaPad, has proved a hit with stationery fans, and those looking for analog methods to boost productivity."
Warren Buffett Thinks You Cannot Buy Time, But What If You Could?
Forbes - January 24, 2019
"As you physically write something down in KenzaPad, you’re more likely to not only remember it but to actually commit to doing it."
KenzaPad Today-To-Do Tool
The Gadget Flow - November 02, 2018
"Smartphones are convenient for taking notes on the go, but it’s hard to beat the tactile sensation of jotting down a thought with a pen and paper. The KenzaPad combines the best elements from both mediums into one handy tool."
11 Thoughtful Gifts For Word Lovers
Mental Floss - December 12, 2018
Scott MacMillan
Founder, +1 (647) 403-4251
Scott is a designer, entrepreneur, and the founder of MacMillan Company Limited. Having spent 20+ years working in Media, Technology, and Strategy, Scott has now brought his experience together to develop and launch products that make people’s lives easier, more productive, and ultimately more fulfilling. Scott lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife, Alisia, and their busy little boy, Matthew.
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