Can I use a regular pen with my KenzaPad?

Of course! When speaking with early product testers, it was clear that many people have a strong preference for a particular pen or pencil. For this reason, we’ve designed KenzaPad so that it can carry pretty much any writing implement, ensuring that you’re never left searching for a pen when you need it.

A couple of things to consider:

  • KenzaPad is made with premium leather, a natural material that molds over time to match its contents. If you commonly use a thicker pen, the pen pocket will feel tight at first, and then adjust with time. If you then switch to a slimmer pen, you may find the pocket doesn’t feel as tight. There are two pen pockets, so a good solution is to switch to the second pocket for your thinner pen.
  • The pen pocket is open at both the top and bottom, which allows it to accommodate longer pens. Naturally, this means that the ends are exposed, so we recommend using pens and pencils that do not have exposed tips (i.e., good options are retractable pens, pens with caps, lockable pens, and mechanical pencils) to avoid any messy leaks or pointy accidents!

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