Can I use regular paper instead of KenzaCards?

KenzaCards are designed for easy and comfortable use with KenzaPad. They feature premium card-stock, rounded corners, light cream colored paper with light ink, and are precision cut with holes that fit onto the KenzaPad hardware like a glove. KenzaCards will also come in an expanding variety of pre-printed templates to accommodate a variety of needs and working styles.

All that said, it was import to us that we not lock our customers into a proprietary card system.  

To this end, we’ve carefully designed the dimensions of KenzaPad to support two standard card sizes with little modification:

  1. The ISO 216 paper sizing system is an international standard used in most countries throughout the world (with the notable exception of North America). KenzaCards use the A7 size (74 x 105 mm). The only modification required is to punch 2 holes at the top of a card to fit over KenzaPad’s pegs.
  2. For North American users, the standard 3×5 inch index cards are easy to modify by trimming roughly 1” off the long end of the card and punching 2 holes to fit over the pegs.
DIY KenzaCards

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