How can KenzaPad make me more productive?

Our mission and guiding philosophy with the KenzaPad is to eliminate friction between our customers and their most important tasks. Some people find tracking their daily to-dos 100% on their computer or mobile device works well. Others (us included) find that digital organizers and productivity apps do a great job of tracking mid- and long-term tasks, but that pen and paper still work best for the very short-term (i.e., the “What am I doing today?”) task lists. If you’re fully comfortable in the digital world, but still find you’re carrying around paper lists or notes for things like a daily task-list, grocery list or shopping list, errand lists, temporary notes and reminders, and the like, KenzaPad was designed with you in mind. By thinking hard about how we use pen and paper for these kinds of lists and notes, we designed a system that focuses on eliminating friction so that your lists, notes, and reminders are easier to create, update, and edit, and are more accessible and visible to you throughout your day, increasing the likelihood that you’ll reference them, and shape your activities around them. If being more productive means getting more of the important things done in your life, we’re convinced you’ll find KenzaPad to be an indispensable tool.

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