Why wouldn’t I just use my phone instead of a KenzaPad?

You might! Some people find managing their daily lists, actions, notes, and reminders on their phone to be convenient and effective. If you do, why change? But many people find KenzaPad serves them better, particularly in certain circumstances:

  • Capturing and updating lists while speaking on your phone, or while reading emails, websites, or other materials on your phone or tablet.
  • Referencing, capturing, or updating lists in social settings, like at dinner, in meetings, or in other contexts where typing on your phone, tablet, or laptop might be considered inattentive or even rude.
  • Periodically glancing, quickly and casually, at items on your list with your KenzaPad open on your desk or on the go, without needing to pick up and unlock your phone and then navigate to an app simply to open and reference your list.

These are just three simple examples where KenzaPad might complement the way you already use your phone to stay productive.

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