KenzaPad FAQ

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KenzaPad FAQ

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About the KenzaPad System

How can KenzaPad make me more productive?

Our mission and guiding philosophy with the KenzaPad is to eliminate friction between our customers and their most important tasks. Some people find tracking their daily to-dos 100% on their computer or mobile device works well. Others (us included) find that digital organizers and productivity apps do a great job of tracking mid- and long-term tasks, but that pen and paper still work best for the very short-term (i.e., the "What am I doing today?") task lists. If you're fully comfortable in the digital world, but still find you're carrying around paper lists or notes for things like a daily task-list, grocery list or shopping list, errand lists, temporary notes and reminders, and the like, KenzaPad was designed with you in mind. By thinking hard about how we use pen and paper for these kinds of lists and notes, we designed a system that focuses on eliminating friction so that your lists, notes, and reminders are easier to create, update, and edit, and are more accessible and visible to you throughout your day, increasing the likelihood that you'll reference them, and shape your activities around them. If being more productive means getting more of the important things done in your life, we're convinced you'll find KenzaPad to be an indispensable tool.

Why wouldn't I just use my phone instead of a KenzaPad?

You might! Some people find managing their daily lists, actions, notes, and reminders on their phone to be convenient and effective. If you do, why change? But many people find KenzaPad serves them better, particularly in certain circumstances:

  • Capturing and updating lists while speaking on your phone, or while reading emails, websites, or other materials on your phone or tablet.
  • Referencing, capturing, or updating lists in social settings, like at dinner, in meetings, or in other contexts where typing on your phone, tablet, or laptop might be considered inattentive or even rude.
  • Periodically glancing, quickly and casually, at items on your list with your KenzaPad open on your desk or on the go, without needing to pick up and unlock your phone and then navigate to an app simply to open and reference your list.

These are just three simple examples where KenzaPad might complement the way you already use your phone to stay productive.

Isn't KenzaPad just one more thing to carry around?

We've designed KenzaPad specifically to eliminate friction without adding complexity to your life. Part of this vision is for KenzaPad to be focused on one job and to do it better than any other tool. We're conscious that people are carrying around many items already (e.g., smartphone, wallet, keys) and that adding one more item to this list is not something most are keen to do. With this in mind, we've incorporated certain design elements into KenzaPad:

  1. Slim profile and stylish design.
  2. Integrated pen pocket (for both right- and left-handed people).
  3. Integrated, minimalist wallet for credit/debit, ID, security access cards, etc.

Do you have other ideas of how we might make KenzaPad even easier to integrate into your daily routine? Let me know at

Can KenzaPad replace my wallet?

The truth is, it depends on how you use your wallet today. For those who seek a minimalist wallet, KenzaPad should serve your needs well. If you're the type who carries 4 credit cards, 18 loyalty points cards, a wad of cash, and half a kilo of loose change, then we wouldn't recommend you toss your old behemoth just yet. See our blog post, "Should I ditch my wallet for a KenzaPad?" for more detail on KenzaPad's minimalist wallet features.

Can I use a regular pen with my KenzaPad?

Of course! When speaking with early product testers, it was clear that many people have a strong preference for a particular pen or pencil. For this reason, we've designed KenzaPad so that it can carry pretty much any writing implement, ensuring that you're never left searching for a pen when you need it.

A couple of things to consider:

  • KenzaPad is made with premium leather, a natural material that molds over time to match its contents. If you commonly use a thicker pen, the pen pocket will feel tight at first, and then adjust with time. If you then switch to a slimmer pen, you may find the pocket doesn't feel as tight. There are two pen pockets, so a good solution is to switch to the second pocket for your thinner pen.
  • The pen pocket is open at both the top and bottom, which allows it to accommodate longer pens. Naturally, this means that the ends are exposed, so we recommend using pens and pencils that do not have exposed tips (i.e., good options are retractable pens, pens with caps, lockable pens, and mechanical pencils) to avoid any messy leaks or pointy accidents!

Can I use regular paper instead of KenzaCards?

KenzaCards are designed for easy and comfortable use with KenzaPad. They feature premium card-stock, rounded corners, light cream colored paper with light ink, and are precision cut with holes that fit onto the KenzaPad hardware like a glove. KenzaCards will also come in an expanding variety of pre-printed templates to accommodate a variety of needs and working styles.

All that said, it was import to us that we not lock our customers into a proprietary card system.  

To this end, we’ve carefully designed the dimensions of KenzaPad to support two standard card sizes with little modification:

  1. The ISO 216 paper sizing system is an international standard used in most countries throughout the world (with the notable exception of North America). KenzaCards use the A7 size (74 x 105 mm). The only modification required is to punch 2 holes at the top of a card to fit over KenzaPad’s pegs.
  2. For North American users, the standard 3x5 inch index cards are easy to modify by trimming roughly 1” off the long end of the card and punching 2 holes to fit over the pegs.

DIY KenzaCards


Can I use KenzaCards without a KenzaPad?

You sure can. That said, the purpose of the KenzaPad is to protect and secure the KenzaCard and the important information you write on it, and to provide you with a stable and flexible writing surface. The design of the Pad+Card system supports our goal of eliminating friction between you and your important tasks, notes, and reminders and we're convinced you'll find the combination to be significantly more useful than the cards alone.

Do you sell a hole punch for creating my own KenzaCards?

Not at this time. A regular 1/4" hole punch will work just fine as the magnetic closure on KenzaPad will keep your DIY cards securely in place. If a custom-sized card punch is something you feel would useful to you, let us know. We're always looking for ways to make the KenzaPad system more useful to our community, and love hearing from you about how you use (and would like to use) your KenzaPad.

Is there a KenzaPad app?

There is no KenzaPad app. This is by design, because we truly believe that for many people, an analog system is best for managing the MOST important items on your plate here and now.

Will there be one in the future? Maybe, but our mission is to minimize friction for you, and we're committed that any digital addition to the KenzaPad system must be additive, and must bring this same philosophy to the community. Technology is changing and advancing, and we're continually looking at how we might deliver on our mission by improving the analog system, and potentially by introducing hybrid analog/digital or pure digital solutions to our collection in the future.

Where can I buy a KenzaPad?

KenzaPad is available for purchase at, on, and Sign up to our newsletter here and we'll update you as we expand distribution further.

Where can I buy more KenzaCards?

Each KenzaPad ships with a generous pack of 50, 2-sided KenzaCards. Refill packs of KenzaCards are available at, on, and Sign up to our newsletter here and we'll update you as we expand distribution further.

Billing, Shipping & Returns

Do you deliver internationally?

We ship globally to all countries, however please note that your country and local mail carriers may charge you import duties, taxes, and handling fees over and above the regular shipping charges that we calculate and charge (or cover) through this website. If you're unsure about what fees may be charged, email us at and we'll do our best to help figure it out.

How long does shipping take?

For Domestic orders (Canada and United States) your order will typically arrive within 5-8 business days of being shipped out.

For most international orders, we ship via Air Mail, which will typically arrive within 7-21 business days of being shipped out.

Do you have a return policy?

If you're not 100% happy with your KenzaPad purchase, you can return it to KenzaPad, c/o MacMillan Company Limited, 3906-25 Telegram Mews, Toronto, ON, M5V 3Z1, Canada within 30 days for a full refund.

Does the KenzaPad come with a warranty?

Yes, we warranty the quality and workmanship of the KenzaPad for a full 3 years. If your KenzaPad doesn't hold up to your rugged lifestyle, mail it back to us at KenzaPad, c/o MacMillan Company Limited, 3906-25 Telegram Mews, Toronto, ON, M5V 3Z1, Canada, and we'll send you a replacement, no questions asked.

Bulk and Wholesale Orders

Do you offer a discount if I buy KenzaPads in bulk?

Please email us at if you would like to purchase KenzaPad products in quantities greater than 25 units, and we'll provide you with our latest price list. We can also customize units with your company logo for purchases of 200 units or greater.

I am a "brick-and-morter" or online retailer, how can I sell KenzaPad products to my customers?

Please email us at if you would like to become a KenzaPad re-seller.