KenzaPad Announces Winner of the KenzaPad Lifechanging Magic Giveaway

February 22, 2019 08:00 AM Eastern Time

TORONTO (CANADA)—The world’s #1 today-to-do list wallet brand, KenzaPad, today announced Sisa Isles of Chicago, IL as the lucky winner in its KenzaPad Lifechanging Magic Giveaway prize pack.

KenzaPad’s first-ever consumer contest awarded a prize pack valued at more than US$280 that included

* 2 x KenzaPad Starter Sets, each including the flagship minimalist leather wallet with refillable notepad cards and integrated pen pocket, 3 sets of 50 KenzaCards, a KenzaCard card storage boxes for storing unused KenzaCards or archiving used cards for future reference, and a Pilot G2 XS Mini Gel;

* A hardcover copy of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, by Marie Kondo, the book that inspired the surprising hit Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo;

* A Leuchtturm 1917 thread-bound A5 notebook; and

* A hardcover copy of “The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration”, by Moorea Seal

“The message behind of Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, Tidying Up, and her original book is fully consistent with KenzaPad’s goal of helping people take control of their world, delivering more presence in their life, and achieving more of their most important goals,” said Scott MacMillan, President of MacMillan Company Limited and Creator of KenzaPad. “Including her book in our prize pack made a lot of sense for our audience.”

Since launching on Kickstarter in October 2018, KenzaPad has been featured in a variety of publications, including Mental Floss and Forbes, which writes that “KenzaPad…has proved a hit with stationery fans, and those looking for analog methods to boost productivity.”

“We’re so happy for Ms. Isles and grateful to everyone who participated in this giveaway,” said MacMillan. “And based on the success of this giveaway, we’re looking forward to launching more contests soon that help highlight KenzaPad’s benefits to our audience of listers, organization mavens, and productive professionals.

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About KenzaPad

With endless digital task, project, and life management apps, software, and systems, it’s too easy for all of us to lose our connection to the present moment. Meet KenzaPad: The ultimate Today-To-Do tool.

This marvelously minimalist, enthusiastically analog to-do list wallet is designed to link our best-laid digital plans with the current moment, delivering tech-free productivity and presence – in single-day increments. With its innovative magnetic closure and distinctive card-based system, it provides dead-easy, single-motion access to today’s tasks-at-hand, enabling focused, efficient effort in a smartphone-slim profile. So let’s put down our phones, stow away our tablets, close our laptops and live life today – because today matters.

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