Should I ditch my wallet for a KenzaPad?

Here at KenzaPad, we’re often asked about the wallet features designed into KenzaPad. This article aims to overview those features to help you decide if you’re ready to ditch your wallet altogether, or if you’re better off carrying both for the time being.

We want to be clear. KenzaPad was not designed, first and foremost, as a wallet. Rather, we aimed to answer a specific question that is very relevant in our hyper-connected world: “How can we stay more present in the moment, while managing the critical tasks we have each day as we pursue our most important goals?”

Having quick and ready access to our to-do lists without digging into our devices, but with the same availability as our phones and wallets was very important. But early on it was clear that we wanted to minimize what people carried around, not add to the load. This insight led us to integrate a variety of minimalist wallet features into KenzaPad.

Two rear-side credit card pockets

KenzaPad includes 2 wallet pockets on the back to hold credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, or security access cards. Each pocket comfortably holds 3 cards each, for a total of 6 cards.

Outer pocket suitable for a security access card

If like many people, you work in an environment that is closely monitored and secured by doors accessibly only via security access card, you may find this suggestion helpful. Using the lower rear pocket for your access card, and positioning it so that it is the outermost card should allow you to simply hold your KenzaPad up to the door sensor to provide quick, easy access without having to pull the card out every time.

Second front pocket on the front

KenzaPad has 2 pockets on the front. While you could carry a pen in each, most people will only carry one, leaving the opposite pocket free for carrying small (an inch/3 mm or narrower), flat items such as a house key, an SD card, or the like.

Be prepared to go cashless (almost)

KenzaPad is a great replacement for a slim, minimalist wallet, but we’re not gonna kid you…it’s not (nor is it intended to be) a full-featured wallet. There is no place for spare change, and while you can comfortably secure a few folded bills under your KenzaCards, it’s a bit of a hack, plus some foreign currencies may be wider than 3 inches, leaving them protruding out the sides.

So should you ditch your wallet for KenzaPad?

We can’t tell you for sure whether KenzaPad provides enough minimalist wallet features to suit your style. What we can tell you is that many of our customers have done just that, and love the freedom they gain by doing so. Give it a try and let us know how you make out.

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