Prioritize Tasks to Eliminate Stress and Get Things Done

A few years ago LinkedIn did a study that demonstrated that nearly 65% of professionals are making to-do lists every day – and yet only 11% of those daily tasks were being completed.

65% of professionals make daily to-do lists – yet only 11% of those tasks get done.

Numerous studies confirm that writing things down helps us to remember them better – but simply writing things down isn’t enough. It’s the prioritization of information that makes tasks achievable.

When we created KenzaPad, this research was very much on our mind. That is why our product: 

  • Is designed as an enthusiastically analog accessory, removing tech-reliance from your today-to-dos
  • Focuses on single-day increments – only include what you can achieve in a single day
  • Is distinctively card-based – we recommend distilling your list to fit into a maximum of one card per day

An un-prioritized list and only achieving 11% of your to-dos is the kind of thing that leads to the release of the stress hormone cortisol, according to Dr. Daniel Letivin, author of The Organized Mind, in an interview with the Washington Post. Anxiety, immune system shut downs, stomach issues – no thank you!

 How do you prioritize your Today-To-Do?

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